Pet insurance can help towards medical costs associated with your pet. This can include a wide range of day to day vet treatments or you can choose to be covered for accidents and emergencies only. Keep in mind that the majority of claims tend to be for illness not accidents.

Things to be aware of before purchasing insurance:

  • Pre-existing conditions (A pre-existing condition may be any condition or illness that existed or occurred before taking out the pet insurance policy)
  • Age of your pet

  • Breed of your pet

  • Excesses

  • Your budget

  • Wait periods before you can claim (especially for illness and cruciate disease)

  • Maximum claim cost per year and per condition

We always recommend comparing multiple policies to ensure you find the best policy suited to you and your pet.

It’s also worth checking with your own health and home insurance provider as they often offer pet insurance policies.

Some pet insurance companies also offer GapOnly claims. For more information about GapOnly: About GapOnly® | GapOnly

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and we are not able to recommend any particular insurance agency/policy. Always do your own research and read the PDS before purchasing insurance.