We hold puppy classes on Thursday nights at the clinic

Congratulations on your new puppy

Firstly, congratulations on your new puppy! We look forwarded to meeting the newest addition to your family and helping you provide them with the best veterinary care.

Why should you and your puppy attend Puppy Preschool?

Not only has your puppy left its mother and its litter mates, it’s also having to navigate and learn its place within a new environment. A key learning period for puppies is between the age of 8 to 16 weeks. It is vital within this period that new owners have the tools to help their puppy learn appropriate behaviours and thus have the ability to develop a strong relationship with their pet. Puppy preschool is also a safe environment for your puppy to start socialisation with other dogs.

What will you and your puppy learn at our classes?

  • Socialisation with other puppies, new people and new environments
  • Helping puppies navigate a human world
  • Basic training principles and commands
  • Help with problem puppy behaviours like biting, jumping, toileting and separation anxiety
  • Enrichment ideas
  • Making lots of new friends!

Our Puppy Classes

Puppy preschool is an excellent way to socialise your new pup and get a head start on basic training. Attending puppy preschool also provides you with support to get through some of those “problem” puppy behaviours (like biting!). Our classes cater for 4-6 puppies to ensure we can give you one on one time with the trainer. Puppies must be 8-14 weeks of age for the first class and must have the appropriate vaccination coverage for their age (at least one vaccination).

To make a booking enquiry for our classes here at the clinic, please fill out the online form below and our puppy preschool teacher will be in contact with the next available/suitable class start date. It will generally take 24-48 hours for our teacher to be in contact with you.

Online form

Important information regarding our classes:

  • When: Thursday nights 7pm (Occasionally Wednesday night classes)

  • Where: Ashgrove Avenue Veterinary Clinic

  • Duration: 4 weeks, puppies attend all classes
  • Cost: $120
  • Who can attend: Everyone over 5 is welcome. Limited to 2-3 per puppy. Please let us know if you require more to attend.

  • What to bring: harness/collar and lead