Arrival process

  1. On arrival, please stay in your car or in the waiting area in the back carpark. Cats must be in a cage and dogs on a lead.
  2. Please call reception on 33 666 666
  3. One of our nurses will collect your pet outside and take them to the consult room.
  4. Your pet will get lots of fuss, treats and TLC.
  5. The vet will start the consultation by examining your pet then call you for any relevant history and to discuss a treatment plan.
  6. Payment will be taken over the phone.
  7. Your pet will be delivered back to you outside.

Admissions and discharges

  • If your pet is required to stay with us (e.g. surgery or hospitalisation), a staff member will greet you for admission and will follow points 1 – 4 above.
  • Discharges will be given conducted over the phone to support physical distancing

Grooming and Weekend Hydrobath:

  • All grooming and hydrobath services have been suspended until further notice.

In case of an emergency

Please try to call us before arriving; this will ensure someone is available to assist you and your pet.

For self-isolation or unwell clients

  • If you are sick or displaying any flu/cold symptoms, we respectfully ask that you stay home and not bring your pet to the clinic. We do not want to put our staff or other clients at risk, so therefore will not be consulting with anyone who has these symptoms. If your pet requires urgent vet care, please call the clinic and we can discuss alternative options.

Other important changes:

Please check-out our new opening hours, we have made some changes

  • Extra hygiene practices are now in place. All clinic areas are thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant that effectively inactivates Covid-19.
  • Call us for initial advice for you and your furry friend and we will guide you from there.
  • We encourage over the phone payments to support physical distancing.
  • We require all consultations to be booked in advance.
  • One person per patient per visit.
  • For pets with minor health issues or ongoing medical conditions we have a telemedicine option by video available (coming soon).
  • We will no longer be doing home visits.

As much as we enjoy our walk-in visits from you all, we ask that you please call ahead and order if you require any medication or food. Once your order is ready to collect, we can process the payment over the phone and bring your order to you outside of the clinic once you’ve arrived. This will help us reduce the number of clients waiting outside the clinic and ensure that we are complying with physical distancing rules.

Thank you for your ongoing support at this difficult time, we really appreciate it.

We’re in this together